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Support our Community and Children.


Tax Credit Donations—It's a Win, Win!


Your tax credit donation helps children attend extracurricular activities like athletics; art and music programs; and  school lunches. These programs develop well-rounded children who in turn build strong communities. 




  • Little Angels Dreams on Wheels Miracles On Highways.

       Beautiful Scenic Drive fund raiser for the hospitals of Montreal.

       For our sick chidren, WISHES and CURES. Registration needed.

       Call: 514.489.1716

       Provincial sponsors are:Finegans Irish Pub, Irish Society of Montreal, Blou,

       Song writer and performer, Saint Augustine Parish, Montreal Monkland

       Tennis Club   and The Soulfat Band.


  • Little Angels. Rocs promotes The Happy Baby.

       Dont smoke around baby and child. Call April, for more information.

       Ask about a beautiful free baby gift basket. 514.489.1716 or email


  • For special occasions. Exciting live music D.J. Photography. The entertaining Bubble Farie, Lucky the cat and friends. Fun and adventure with creative story telling and interactive activities. For your special event. 

  • Call April: 514.489.1716

  • Call Daniel: 514.972.2399

  • Call Monica: 514. 658.1841


  • Little Angels. Remembering Ravi Fund. Under the direction of  Vasu Seshadri.

       If you are interested in joining Vasu and wonderful people, with great spirits

       for The Ninja Tennis Tournament. MONKLAND.MONTREAL.

       For more information contact Vasu: 514.485.3228.


Thank-you so much for the love and welcome that our ANGELS continually receive from OUR communities in important fundraisers!
It is through the commitment, dedication, and passion from individuals like yourself that we continue to strengthen and grow!

Reaching out to others in need.


Little Angels Society Charity Service, Radiation Oncology, Cancer
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