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Peace Today. Goat Project.

Ichichi, Africa aid. Peace Today.

The milk is a vital source for their babies and for cooking in daily use. The ministry is focused on ways of improving living conditions.


Goats for Milk:

We purchased 43 goats. (112 litres of milk is produced each month per nanny goat.) The goat project was a success and is still on going.

We donated to Volcano base Mount Logonut, incubators and generators for chicks.



Thank - you for your support!

 "Thank You to the Ambassador of Ireland and his dear family,
The United Irish Society of Montreal .
Elizabeth Quinn
Margaret Healy
Jane Skelton
And to others who wish to remain anonymous."

The following letter was wrote.
 The following is the English text which we translated FROM Kikuyu (our mother  tongue).
 Celebrating with you.
You have given a goat for milk for the village of Ichichi, Kenya.
 Thank you.

The donated goat for milk is a special celebration for a needy family and
The Ichichi poor children are very grateful for the greatly needed and
memorable donation. A legacy gift of life .
Together with human love and compassion THANK YOU friend.
You are now a recognized angel member CANADIAN AMBASSADORS OF HEALTH AND PEACE IN KENYA
Ichichi goats for milk project feed the children.
God bless you April,
Naomi and Ngahu.


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